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Few things in ministry challenge church leaders like relocating. The attachments to old buildings and neighborhoods are often quite emotional. The thought of leaving the old for a promise they cannot see or imagine can be a serious hindrance.

What if you could show the church family a video walk-thru of the new building with all the advantages listed in a narration by some of the church family? Would that not be a blessing? Would it help clarify and gather vocal and financial support? Imagine how such a tool would bless your church.

Additionally, even experienced and sophisticated church leaders can be overwhelmed in the relocation process. Purchasing property, dealing with new zoning and building ordinances, land development processes, fund raising, and financing issues are formidable.

You need to know you have friends in this business. Indeed, you have friends who have gone through this process successfully many, many times. Sunday Haus, L.P. has the experience and professional associations to smooth out this bumpy road. Call us early in the process.

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