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Will the building be a blessing to the church? Will it work well? How much will it cost? Will it be worth the cost? Will the building be enduring in its appearance? Will the church be satisfied that we did a good project?

In church leadership these are important questions, are they not?

Like a three-legged stool the success of your project will depend on three qualities:

Plan, Cost and Quality of Construction.

A beautifully planned building, competitively priced and well-built is the elusive goal. Sunday Haus, L.P. has achieved that standard time after time and has the staff, program, and commitment to raise your project to that coveted position.

What we do is time tested and proven. It continues to work because we continue to provide seasoned people and a great program. We offer these explanations of our work with the hope you will be encouraged to call upon us.

Please learn more about our program in the pages above or contact us with your questions.

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