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Every church wants to get the best price possible in a building program. One of the most important reasons for a church to select Sunday Haus, L.P. is the extraordinary effort our firm delivers to reach this goal. It is also important to note that the best bid sometimes is not the lowest bid. Years ago as we canvassed potential tradesmen inside one church, the building committee decided to invite a proposal from a church member in the ceramic tile field. Of three bids for the work his was the highest and yet because of the quality of work he did they selected his proposal anyway. His was one of the best performing companies on the job, and surprisingly he marked his bill paid on dedication day and put it in the collection plate. The committee then realized he had given them the lowest price initially, they just didn't know it.

Once the design work is finished Sunday Haus, L.P. quite often dedicates a month to promoting competitive pricing for each project. Under the direction and with the cooperation of the church's representatives, Sunday Haus, L.P. searches for every savings accruing to the church. 

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