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Catering to our Client

Sunday Haus, L.P. offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast experience. Within our alliance are the design and construction specialists that sophisticated ministries require, whether the need is for music, broadcast, audio/visual, room acoustics, ADA compliance, drama, etc. Check out our trusted Our Program for more information on our process, planning, pricing and management. When it comes to our business, we offer your church a powerful resource and a proven track record for success. See below for the services we offer and view Our Clients and Project Galleries.

Aerial Photo Heritage.jpg

We have the experience and ability to help guide your church from the beginning stages to final completion of this often overwhelming and difficult process.

First .Pres. Fort Worth -On with the new

Eventually all structures need work to maintain their beauty and usefulness. Whatever the need, Sunday Haus, L.P has the specialization you need.

First Baptist Church, Ackerly Texas afte

Whether to restore and repair damages or to renovate a good structure into a useful and beautiful building once again, Sunday Haus, L.P. will exceed your expectations.

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