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Coordinating the work of payments and record keeping for a project can often catch a church by surprise. Providing documentation to lending institutions for draws during the construction can take many hours each month. Sunday Haus, L.P. once again will provide the program and personnel to make this important aspect of building go well. Scheduled reports on the progress of the church's contracts during construction will demonstrate to all responsible parties the standing of the project at any day along the way.

"I had the privilege of working with Laura of Sunday Haus during the construction of our new building. This work included the approving payments, verifying the invoices and insurance coverages of all the contractors weekly, as well as satisfying the lenders requirements each month for the construction draws. This work was very time consuming for Laura. She is very knowledgeable in these matters and did a great job. Through her knowledge and her concern for us she saved us time and expense. I really appreciate what she did for us. No other person at Tusculum knows the amount of work she put into that project nor how lost we would have been to try to do that job alone."

- Bobby Mullins, Tusculum Church of Christ

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