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Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

Building Area: Phase 1 - 44,000 sqft

                        Phase 2 - 24,000 sqft

Completion Date: Phase 1 - 1993                                                 Phase 2 - 2003

God blessed the University Church of Christ family when the State declared nearby property surplus. A 16 acre tract was purchased and Phase 1 building completed in 1993. Ten years later Phase 2 was completed along with the design for a Phase 3 worship center. The church's property sits across McFarland Blvd from the University of Alabama.

The building committee asked us to be innovative and to provide a multi-purpose room that would serve as a large worship space, a recreational area, and a large fellowship hall. When it was finished one church member proudly called this room "the most beautiful gymnasium in Alabama." Whether that is true or not, it works very well for the needed ministries. Certainly, weddings are no problem.

University Church of Christ
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