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Location: Arlington, Texas

The members of the New York Ave Church of Christ are exceptionally good, hard working people. They have ministries all over the world. They did not deserve to be the target of arsonist and vandals or to be displaced into a warehouse facility for two years. Moving into this new building, the result of a lot of perseverance and prayer was an emotional day for them and for all who knew their story.

An exceptional entry hall, a trademark of talented designer and Architect, Fred Parker, ties all four wings of the building together. The ecclesiastical feel of the space and the warm fellowship of New York Ave members greet visitors entering from either the New York Ave side or the rear parking area.

Our second building program expanded the auditorium to around 700 seats and added additional teaching space. Furthermore, the gym provides room for recreational activities for young people and fellowship space for the entire church family.

New York Ave Church of Christ
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